The Ministry

Two Tables + Agape Farms

This farm was a way to raise food for our family but we  realize not everyone gets that opportunity and not everyone is called  or even interested in the farm life. Yet very quickly it became obvious  that people from all walks of life desire fruits of the farm over their  over produced grocery store options and we found ourselves eagerly  giving away eggs, meat and vegetables any time we had the opportunity.  From that was born Two Tables!

Two Tables partners with other farmers, ranchers, homesteaders and  local food artisans to find the freshest, locally grown, lovingly  raised, highest quality food items. We put those items together and offer shares for sale monthly to anyone that wants to purchase them.  Then we take the proceeds from those purchases and Agape Farms creates  shares to donate to families that are unable to buy them.

Together, Two Tables and Agape Farms are an opportunity for us to  share our dream with people from all walks of life, to bring the  farm-to-table concept to families that already appreciate the value of  farm fresh foods and for those that are primarily existing on boxed and  canned goods.

Agape Farms is the ministry arm of Two Tables LLC. Visit the Two Tables website to pick up your monthly share of the best meat, eggs and produce you can get your hands on!